Therapy for Aging Parents and Their Caregivers

If you are struggling with decisions concerning your aging parents and would like a professional evaluation, please contact Sharon Mayo for
help with diagnosis and treatment of social and psychological problems
with senior citizens.

Individual and Family Therapy

At times individuals feel depressed or anxious and need help dealing with stress. Individual Therapy may help reduce symptoms of hopelessness
and worry to improve quality of life. Couples and families may have
difficulty communicating with each other. Family therapy can provide a
safe environment to discuss sensitive issues.

Grief Therapy for Pet Owners

At times, we may not be able to resolve our grief, or move beyond the loss of our pet. In these instances, it may help to talk about feelings with
a professional to help you move past your grief.

Sharon accepts Medicare, some types of Medicaid, Blue Cross
Blue Shield of Kansas, and other major insurance carriers.
Types of Counseling Offered
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